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KamalChandran is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Cognizant. He has been working in the digital marketing sphere for more than 9 years, and has succeeded in winning certificates from both Google and Microsoft by exhibiting proficiency as a Google Advertising Professional and Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professional. KamalChandran has helped many clients to improve the websites performances across the whole gamut of Internet Channels by deploying powerful digital marketing techniques. KamalChandran has added his CV to this blog, in case if you want to reach out to him, email him by referring to his mail Id furnished in this blog!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional in Chennai

KamalChandran is a SEO professional who resides in Chennai. He has optimized scores of websites to attain high visibility in search engines. Kamal currently works with CTS as a Digital Marketing and Analytics Professional.


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